Every day use of hot tools, over-processing and even environmental factors can all cause damage to your hair. Why settle for subpar hair methods that don’t maintain lasting results? We provide rejuvenating services for all of our clients here in Broken Arrow, which will heal your tresses no matter your hair type. After just one application, you will be able to see and feel the difference in your hair’s vibrancy and shine for weeks.

Specialty TreatmentsStylistDesignerSeniorMasterElite
Bonding Treatment$20$20$20$20$20
Moisture Infusion Treatment$15$15$15$15$15$15
Detox & Reset Treatment$15$15$15$15$15$15
Split End Mender$20$20$20$20$20$20
Malibu Treatments$50+$50+$50+$50+$50+$50+
Heat Cure$30$30$30$30$30$30
Hair Mask$5-10$5-10$5-10$5-10$5-10$5-10
L'ANZA Ultimate Healing Treatment$25$25$25$25$25$25
L'ANZA Emergency Healing SErvice$45$45$45$45$45$45
L'ANZA Intensive Healing Treatment$60$60$60$60$60$60