Our skin combats the elements, shows signs of stress and rebels when we forget to remove our makeup. Needless to say, our complexion is effected by a variety of factors. As Broken Arrow’s skin care experts, we have designed a private and serene atmosphere where personal, one-on-one attention is enjoyed by each client. Meticulous care goes into choosing products and crafting services that produce results. Together we can address a variety of skin concerns such as acne, sensitivity, sun damage and much more. We take pride in customizing treatments and at-home skin care regimens to ensure every guest enjoys radiant, healthy skin year round.

FX Express Facial – $55

45 minutes

A great introduction facial for teens or for those in a hurry. Enjoy the  basics with this refreshing facial.

Bespoke Facial – starts at $75

60 & 90 minute options.

Ready to enjoy a luxury facial experience? This is the service for you.  Your esthetician will choose the products and treatments that are  right for your skin and skin care goals.

Red Carpet Facial – $95

60 minutes

Glowing, healthy, radiant skin can be yours. Your appointment  includes a gentle yet effective exfoliation with the decadent Cocoa  Enzyme in preparation for our revitalizing oxygen treatment. This  facial is great for most skin type but is an ideal treatment for acne  and in soothing rosacea. Leave the spa with that fresh dewy glow  everyone loves.

Acne Fighting Facial –  $75

60 minutes

If acne or breakouts have you frustrated, we can help. Your  specialized appointment will begin with a thorough skin analysis to  determine how to best address your areas of concern. Relax as your  esthetician works to bring you closer to skin you love.

Tropical Hydrating Facial – $75

60 minutes

Kiss dry skin goodbye. Our caviar and lime enzyme mask is full of  antioxidant support to help achieve that polished glow.

Vitamin Infusion Facial – $75

60 minutes

Slow down the signs of aging by infusing the skin with potent and  nourishing essential vitamins including Vitamin B, C & E. This luxury  facial will not only address current antioxidant and nourishment  depletion but also protect the skin from future damage.

Vitamin C Firming Peptide Facial – $95

75 minutes

Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides,  powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. Infuse the skin with  ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate  all skin types leaving you with a firm luminous glow.

Luxury Dermaplane Facial – $75

60 minutes

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and lack-luster skin! Your esthetician  will utilize a surgical blade to gently and effectively remove dead skin  cells and fine vellus hair. This allows for better product penetration,  smoother makeup application and a glowy appearance. You will no  doubt leave with smoother, more luminous skin.

FX Express Dermaplane – $55

45 minutes

For those on the go, enjoy this express dermaplane. We’ll get right  to business with this one, cleanse, dermaplane and spf! Your skin will  love this quick and effective treatment.

Gentleman’s Facial – $75

60 minutes

Men need skin care too. Relax with a deep cleanse and exfoliation  to rid your skin of dirt and dead skin cell buildup. Your esthetician  will choose the best products for your skin type to finish out your  appointment. You are sure to leave feeling refreshed.

SWiCH Facial Rejuvenating Treatment – starts at $220

60-90 minutes

This treatment is reserved for those over 40 looking for help turning  back the hands of time. The SWiCH system takes advantage of the  skin’s natural repair mechanism to help restore the skin’s optimum  appearance without injury to the skin. Included in treatment is a 2  week follow-up where we will utilize an enzyme to keep your cell  turnover rate going. Want long lasting results? Set up your series  today! Purchase a series of 3 SWiCH facials for only $585.

Not sure what you need or want to know more? book your complimentary 10 minute consultation with one of our estheticians.

Chemical Peel Services

Peel season is October – March

Call to schedule your complimentary consult today

Cost Varies $85+

You and your esthetician will discuss your skin care goals and pick  the right peel for you. We carry a wide range of options to help with  a variety of concerns and goals. Want to take your peel to the next  level?

Add on a peel treatment for your hands or declotte to really get that wow factor. $35

We offer:

Alpha Beta

Fight the signs of aging with this combination of lactic and salicylic acids. This unique blend of alpha and beta acids with will not only effectively exfoliate the skin but also even the complexion.This is the perfect rejuvenator for all skin types assisting in lasting results.

*post peel kit must be purchased for home care

This peel system is a deep peel that was developed specifically for treating pigmentation issues associated with skin of color. This unique acid complex will effectively lighten pigmentations associated with acne, melasma, and sun damaged skin.

Lactic Peel

This treatment is designed to gently and effectively exfoliate while simultaneously hydrating and brightening the skin.This complex treatment uses an advanced AHA complex that is gentle enough for your most sensitive skin types, resulting in fresh, hydrated, luminous skin.

Jessner Peel*
*post peel kit must be purchased for home care

This superior treatment will result in a deeper peel designed to remove sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce acne, leaving the skin looking years younger. A combination of resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid this peel will effectively breakdown damaged cells, stimulate cellular rejuvenation and improve overall health of the skin.

Dermafrost – 

Jessner and Mandelic peels are peel only treatments. Due to the nature of the procedure there is no facial to accompany there peels. A Dermaplane facial can be done 2 weeks post peel to complete the exfoliation process and regular facials can resume 3 weeks post Jessner and Mandelic peel.


Some upgrades may add extra time to your appointment. Talk with  your esthetician about how you can elevate your facial experience.

Dermaplane – $40

Gua Sha Facial Toning Massage – $10

Enzyme Mask –  $10

LED –  $15

Scalp Massage – $10

Firming Peptide Mask – $25

Lip Treatment – $15

Foot Mask –  $15